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Getting Started

If you are interested in taking up the fascinating craft of beekeeping you will no doubt have lots of questions and here we aim to provide some of the answers to help you find out exactly what might be involved.

Keeping bees healthy and productive requires knowledge and skill. Beekeeping is made much easier by belonging to a local British Beekeepers' Association division where you will be given advice, tuition and support.

Where do I start?

We run ‘Taster Days’ which are ideal for obtaining a basic understanding of bees and what is involved in beekeeping. This can be followed by a ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ course where you can learn some of the theory required to be a good beekeeper and gain valuable practical experience before you make any investment in equipment and honey bees.  We will also be able to help and advise along the way.

There are over 270 area associations and branches who serve their local area with support and education.

Examinations & Assessments

Once you have decided to keep bees, there is the opportunity to increase your knowledge by passing practical and theoretical assessments. 

The British Beekeepers' Association has a long and well established exam framework which is constantly being developed to keep up with new research in the field of beekeeping. Our exams start with a Basic Assessment, covering basic skills and knowledge of the craft all the way up to becoming a Master Beekeeper.

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